Why Oil Changes Are Important for Your Truck

Why Oil Changes Are Important for Your Truck

Truck maintenance is essential to keeping your rig running well and avoiding costly repairs and replacements. However, it is also a bit annoying. You need to keep track of what to change and when, and take time out of your busy schedule to get it done.

This might leave you wondering: can I just skip the oil change for my truck this time?

The simple answer is: nope. Even if your rig has a top-of-the-line diesel engine, old oil is going to wreck it. Of course, you might need more convincing than that if you are on a tight schedule. So, let’s look at the importance of oil changes.

Reasons to Change Your Oil Regularly

Better Gas Milage

Getting more miles to the gallon is important for a few reasons. First of all, gas is money. Second of all, time is money. The further you can go between fill-ups, the less money you spend and the more time you save.

Essential Lubrication

Engines produce a lot of heat—as you well know. However, this heat must be controlled. Otherwise, you’ll end up in dangerous situations. Proper oil changes ensure the engine is lubricated, which reduces friction and the associated heat—as well as the risk of things like engine fires. That’s something we’re pretty sure everyone wants to avoid.

Better Engine Performance

We all know that things last longer when you take care of them. Part of taking care of your engine is keeping the oil fresh and clean. When you don’t, it turns into sludge, making the engine work harder and increasing the risk of a breakdown. While our Gainesville mobile breakdown service is happy to come rescue you, we are pretty sure you’d prefer to avoid that situation altogether.

Extended Engine Life

Nothing lasts forever, but your engine will last longer with regular oil changes. This proper lubrication prevents friction that leads to a complete engine breakdown, leaving you with no repair options: just a complete rebuild or replacement. The truck engine is a complicated machine with many parts. There’s not one single way to diagnose what might be wrong! However, know some telltale signs and symptoms of a worn-out truck engine.

When to Change Your Oil

As a rule of thumb, semi-trucks need their oil changed every 25,000 miles at a minimum. However, if you use low-quality oil, don’t otherwise maintain your engine, or frequently drive on bad roads, you might needs yours changed more often. To better understand this, check out our guide: How Often Does a Semi-Truck Need an Oil Change?

Of course, there is no need to handle the change yourself. Just call our mobile truck repair service and we will head your way and take care of this chore for you.