Why Maintaining & Monitoring Truck Tire Pressure Is Important

Why Maintaining & Monitoring Truck Tire Pressure Is Important

Everyone knows that it’s important to monitor your truck’s tire pressure in each of the tires. But why is it so important, and what kind of problems can arise from not maintaining even tire pressure?

It turns out that there are a litany of benefits to keeping truck tire pressure constant to manufacturer’s specifications, and that if the proper truck tire pressure is not maintained, it could potentially cause your truck to end up on the side of the road. Here’s why.

Why Proper Truck Tire Pressure Is Important

If your tires are underinflated, your tires will not wear evenly. As a result, the life of the tire is shortened. This could even be particularly dangerous, as uneven wear could cause problems with traction in adverse driving conditions, or worse: cause a blowout.

If your tires are overinflated, there won’t be enough traction on the road. This will cause problems with handling the truck, which could be dangerous when turning or driving at high speeds. There is also a problem with uneven tire wear, although it looks slightly different from underinflated tires with most of the wear being near the central part of the tire. Blowouts are more likely to occur if your tires are overinflated.

The Benefits of Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring

A Safer Vehicle

As someone operating a truck or leading a fleet of trucks, safety for the driver, your cargo, your machinery, and everyone around you driving should be of the utmost importance. An unsafe vehicle can open you up to lawsuits, significant capital expenditure, and possibly the loss of life. None of these are worth having, and thus, keeping your truck tire pressure maintained is absolutely worth the effort.

Longer Truck Tire Life

Your tires will last longer if pressure is kept maintained at the right level. The correct level for your tires will be included in the
manufacturer’s specifications. But why will your tire last longer? The tread will be even if inflated at the right pressure, it will keep the tire safe from weaknesses, and it will prevent some common causes of blowouts.

Keeping a longer truck tire life is important, especially when you have a large fleet of trucks. Truck tires are expensive, and you want
them to live as long as possible.

Fuel Efficiency

With a vehicle that is driven safely, with even tire pressure, you will have greater fuel efficiency overall. But why? Underinflated tires are often to blame, as the tire will flex under heavy load, causing resistance, making it more difficult for the truck to move the tire. This increases fuel costs, and this increase in fuel costs is completely unnecessary.

In Summary

  • Maintaining proper truck tire pressure will prevent severe accidents from happening.
  • Both underinflated tires and overinflated tires can cause serious problems.
  • Keeping truck tire pressure at the right level, and maintained, can save on fuel and tire costs in the long run.

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