Why Fleet Maintenance is Important?

Why Fleet Maintenance Is Important?

Fleet maintenance includes several different maintenance services, and each one has its place. So how should you perform fleet maintenance? And why is doing it well so important?

The Basics of Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is the regular upkeep that is required for each individual truck in your fleet.

Not all maintenance operations need to happen at the same frequency. For this reason, it’s recommended to split up maintenance needs into different categories. This will depend on your fleet, but generally you want categories labelled by the frequency of maintenance needs. For example, “A” services will be needed every 3,000 miles, “B” services will be needed every 6,000 miles, and “C” services are as needed.

Keep data on your fleet maintenance services and your mileage. Computerized systems built for fleet maintenance are perfect for this, and will keep all the necessary information in one place.

The Basics of Fleet Maintenance

Lower repair costs

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this saying is particularly apt when it comes to a fleet performing important business activities.

The cost of doing recommended engine maintenance is way less than the cost of having to repair your engine, especially at an inopportune time. This is the case with almost all parts of a truck.

Do your maintenance and you will see that you need fewer repairs overall.

Lower overall operational costs

In addition to repair costs, costs of operations for your fleet can benefit too.

It’s better for your vehicles to run more efficiently and have to spend on fleet maintenance.

Better testing outcomes

Let’s face it: no one wants any of their fleet to fail inspection. Many companies try to cheat inspection tests, but isn’t it more worthwhile to simply do the necessary maintenance to make sure that you pass?

Combined with all the other benefits, it simply makes sense to invest in fleet maintenance and the systems required for it.

In Summary

  • Basic fleet maintenance is relatively simple, but planning it is necessary.
  • Fleet maintenance is important because doing it will lower operational costs, allow you to pass your tests, and lower the cost of repairs.

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