What Does A Broken Axle Look Like & How Long Can You Drive on Broken Axle?

What Does A Broken Axle Look Like & How Long Can You Drive on Broken Axle?

A broken axle may really cause one to scratch their head. The chances of this problem happening to your car are rare but if it happens, it might turn out to be a serious mechanical nightmare. Many drivers who face this problem often have lots of questions e.g. “What does a broken axle look like?” and “How long can you drive on broken axle?” Well, keep reading below to find out everything you need to know about broken axles and how to sort out the issue.

Can You Drive With a Broken Axle?

The simple answer is ‘yes’ but there are serious consequences  if you go ahead and drive with a broken axle. Doing this may cause serious mechanical damages to other parts of your vehicle. For example, it may damage the tires or cause them to wear off much faster.

Also, driving with a broken axle puts one at a higher risk of encountering an accident, especially of the driver isn’t well experienced. Driving while the axle is broken may cause the tire to come off the rim. This may end up causing a serious accident involving pedestrians or other vehicles.

The best decision you can make when your axle breaks is visiting a garage as soon as possible. An experienced mechanic should be able to fix this issue for you easily and fast.

What is Axle in Truck?

An axle is a steel rod, bar or shaft that rotates and links the wheels to the truck. It holds the truck’s weight up. Your truck’s wheels would not move if the front axle wasn’t there. That’s why when the axle is broken, a replacement is needed so as to hit the road again. Axles can also be found on the rear of a truck. It all depends on whether they are part of the drivetrain (front axle) or they are part of the suspension system (rear axle).

Where is The Axle on a Truck?

The axle is normally located in the center of the wheel. It makes up a considerable part of a truck’s suspension system. It allows the wheels to spin while supporting the truck’s weight and allowing it to make corners while on the road.

A truck’s axle normally has two separate parts: “the axle beam” and “the half shaft.” The axle beam connects to the suspension system and the truck’s differential.  The half shaft on the other hand connects to the wheel’s driveshaft.

What Does a Broken CV Axle Look Like?

Driving over a deep pothole, a bad carrier bearing or overloading your truck are some of the causes of a broken axle. Nowadays, most vehicles have constant velocity axles (CV axles).

So what does a broken CV Axle look like? Here are the signs:

  • Grease is visible on the inside edge of the tire or along the vehicle’s underside.
  • When you speed, there’s a rumbling sound or vibration.

When making a corner and shifting gears, there is a loud banging or clicking sound.


A broken axle is a serious mechanical problem that shouldn’t be ignored. If you have experienced this, get in touch with Road Rescue Inc immediately for quality and professional semi truck repair in Gainesville, GA.