Ultimate Trailer Inspection, Maintenance & Safety Checklist

Ultimate Trailer Inspection, Maintenance & Safety Checklist

It’s no secret that maintaining your trailer is important. It keeps you, the operator, safe while keeping your equipment in better shape for a longer time.

However, there is a lot that goes into proper maintenance.

This checklist is maintenance that is done at various intervals, however, you should default to these items yearly and make sure that they’ve been done. Here is our 11-point trailer inspection, maintenance, and safety checklist that will keep you safe and your trailer long-lived.

11-Point Trailer Inspection, Maintenance, and Safety Checklist

Make sure registration is current.

If your registration isn’t current, this could put you in trouble with the law. Most people overlook this bit as they assume their registration is fine. However, it’s a simple check and begs to be mentioned.

Check your tires and wheels.

Make sure the tire pressure on your trailer’s tires is set to manufacturer’s specification. Make sure there’s no bulging or cuts on the tires. You don’t want to risk a blowout on the road. This should be done every quarter.

Test your battery.

Use a hydrometer to make sure that the battery cells are A-OK. This is usually done at any auto parts store.

Brakes & Bearings

Make sure your trailer’s breakaway system is fully functional, without issues.

Safety chains

Check your safety chains for wear. Make sure they haven’t been drug on the ground and that they’re fastened tight.


Check your springs to make sure they’re not worn or damaged.


Tighten the mounting bolts and make sure the axle is aligned correctly. A misaligned axle can promote wear on the tires and cause the trailer to be harder to control on the road.

Hitch & coupler

Make sure the frame mounting bolts are fastened tight, the jaws fit perfectly over the tow ball, and that there are no cracks on the receiver, shank, or tow ball. Also, make sure the safety latch is pinned!

Trailer Lights

This simple test is to make sure that the turn signal and brake lights are working properly. You definitely don’t want to get stopped for broken tail lights, and working tail lights is an important part of keeping everyone safe on the road.

Trailer Plugs

Check for frayed or worn wiring in the connections between the truck and the trailer. Inspect any wiring under the trailer to make sure there’s no problems.

Trailer Jack

Make sure you have a trailer jack on board! You never want to be somewhere without your jack at the ready.


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