Tips for Handling a Big Rig Breakdown

Tips for Handling a Big Rig Breakdown

We have all seen this scenario: a large truck breaks down out on the road causing a traffic backup that could last hours. This is very frustrating to other motorists, but can be an absolute nightmare for a truck driver. Knowing what to do if your truck breaks down will help you get back on your wheels faster and deliver your cargo on time.

You can reduce the chances of a breakdown through preventative maintenance. Pre-route, on-route, and post-trip checks of the entire vehicle will help you notice any mistakes before you leave the depot. Conducting these checks during the day will make it easy for you to get the repairs you need quickly.

However, If your truck breaksdown, it’s important to know some tips for handling a big rig breakdown so you can stay on schedule.

How to Handle a Breakdown

Keep calm: all drivers know the telltale signs of an impending breakdown: strange sounds coming from the engine, or the truck leaning on one side and dragging. It is important that you do not panic even if you are in the middle of nowhere by yourself. Staying calm will help you make solid decisions that will protect both you and other motorists on the road. Stay safe: once your truck shows signs of breaking down, pull off to an off-ramp if near one or to a shoulder. Put your lights on at full blast and ensure there is no oncoming traffic before you get out of the truck. Set up flares and tilt your hood to indicate that you have broken down. If possible, get back in the truck, lock the doors, and stay there until the assistance shows up. Call for assistance: you should always have the contacts for big truck roadside assistance companies along your route beforehand in preparation for an unpredictable breakdown. If you are driving for a company, call the dispatch number and follow their instructions until the breakdown is resolved. Our mobile truck repair in Gainesville is always ready to be of assistance to stranded drivers in the Metro Atlanta, Gainesville, and Northeast area. Contact roadside assistance like trailer repair in Gainesville or contact truck electrical repair in Gainesville if the problem is electrical. Always keep your dispatcher informed of your situation throughout the repair process.

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