The Key Signs That Your Truck Needs Transmission Repair

truck transmission repair

Transmission problems can be downright dangerous and expensive to repair. A truck that needs transmission repair will be off the fleet, 24/7, until it is fixed.

Companies like ours that offer 24/7 truck repair see a lot of trucks that come in with transmission issues. So how do you know if your truck needs a new transmission or needs truck transmission repair? These are the signs.

Shifting Issues

When shifting gears in a truck, the transmission should not be felt, especially if you’re in a truck with automatic transmission.

If you’re hearing clunking sounds while driving or shifting, or if you feel the truck shaking in a way that you’re not used to (and you’re sure that it has nothing to do with the load). Then your transmission might be having trouble.

You also don’t want to be feeling any sort of chugging or bouncing while on a smooth road. If you drive the truck often, you’ll notice even these slight disturbances. If you feel that, you may need to get your transmission checked. 

However, if it switches gears without warning, or seems to be stuck between gears, your transmission definitely needs repair.

Excessive heat emanating from the transmission

If you’re noticing abnormal engine temperature, or you’re smelling an odd burned toast odor while driving, then the transmission might be getting overheated. 

Check your fluids first; a transmission replacement is expensive and your transmission might not be the source of the issue. If your fluids are all fine, and you see no evidence of a leak, then your transmission might be having problems.

Odd Vibrations and Noises

If you’re noticing vibrations and noises that you don’t usually hear while driving the truck (especially if they have a grinding or whining sound), then check your transmission for issues. It might be time to get it fixed or repaired. What you don’t want to hear:
  • Any sort of grinding sounds
  • Whining sounds that happen right before accelerating from a stop
  • Revving engine, but acceleration is slow
If you’re hearing any of these, it’s time to get your truck checked out. It might need transmission repair. Noticing any of these signs? Keep that truck off the road until the issues are solved. Get your truck’s transmission checked. In fact, get your entire truck checked because there could be other issues besides the transmission if you’re seeing these signs. Road Rescue offers 24/7 truck repair in Gainesville, GA and can help you if any truck in your fleet is having issues with the transmission on the road.

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