The Hidden Costs of Fleet Maintenance

Hidden Costs of Fleet Maintenance
The strategic benefits of an agency-owned fleet can easily be overtaken by the hidden costs of maintaining it, regardless of whether that agency is a government organization, for-profit company or non-profit organization. But engaging with a service company offering commercial truck repair in Gainesville, GA can help minimize those expenses.

A Fleet is an Investment

Most agencies that maintain a fleet do so in order to save time and money. A fleet means that staff members can be more agile in responding to the demands of the agency’s workflow with greater efficiency. Attentive service can translate into greater customer satisfaction, whether those are internal or external customers, and that can have a direct relationship on other facets of operation that are critical for success.

The True Costs of a Fleet

In addition to ordinary and expected costs like vehicle leasing and purchases, a fleet requires a regular influx of cash. Fleet budgets must include gas, inspection, registration, and planned maintenance. In fact, roughly 10% of respondents to a recent study said they spent at least $1,000 on maintenance costs for fleet cars over a one-year period, and more than 50% said they spent at least $1,000 on maintenance costs for light duty trucks. In addition, a fleet budget needs to include funding for emergency repairs.

The Problem with Traditional Truck Repair Services

Most organizations with a fleet have service agreements for regular maintenance. But what happens when the unexpected break down occurs on the road? Traditional services can involve high towing costs as well as parts and labor, to say nothing of the downtime in service the organization suffers with a truck or two out of commission. Mobile commercial truck repair in Gainesville can provide a faster and more efficient solution, getting your drivers back on the road with minimal down-time.

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