Signs of a Semi Truck Transmission Problems

Signs of a Semi Truck Transmission Problems

Semi truck transmission repairs can put a huge strain on your finances, both the actual repairs and the truck downtime. As with most problems, transmission problems will escalate in complexity and cost of repair if left unattended. You need to fix them as soon as possible. How do you know whether your rig troubles are related to the transmission?

6 Signs of a Semi Truck Transmission Problems

Any truck driver worth their salt knows when their truck is not handling right. A cheat sheet of truck transmission problems is handy to have to pinpoint the issue quickly.

1. Transmission Fluid Leak

A good practice is to do a quick sweep under your semi before getting behind the wheel. You will quickly spot a leak as a reddish fluid under your truck that smells similar to petroleum. Transmission fluid keeps the transmission’s moving parts lubricated and prevents wear. Be sure to get the leak fixed and fluid topped up immediately. If unchecked, a fluid leak will lead to other transmission problems.

2. Trouble Shifting

Is it taking you several tries to get in gear? Low transmission fluid is most likely the problem. Look out for other shifting problems such as between-shift revving or rough and jerky gear shift. A well-functioning truck should shift gears smoothly. Any jerking could be a result of pressure build-up due to a fluid clog or a faulty shift solenoid.

3. Grinding and Other Unusual Noises

These grinding, gurgling, and growling noises may occur while moving or changing gear. They usually indicate low transmission fluid but can also be caused by cracks in the gears.

4. Dragging Clutch

A dragging or sluggish clutch is one that does not disengage even after you have lifted your foot off the pedal. This is a tell-tale sign that your truck has transmission problems.

5. Low Power While Accelerating

A semi truck’s transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels to accelerate. Slow or weak acceleration points either to inadequate compression or a clog in the air filter or exhaust manifold.

6. Slipping of the Transmission

This is another clear sign that you require semi transmission repair. If your truck seems to change gear when it should not or slips into neutral you’re probably looking at a case of low transmission fluid. Another possible cause is low hydraulic pressure that doesn’t create enough force to keep the gear engaged.

Need Semi Truck Repair in Gainesville?

Transmission problems need to be identified and fixed early. They can become very costly to fix, especially if neglected. So read our blog to learn how regular maintenance will help keep those repair costs in check! Contact us for your semi truck transmission maintenance and repair needs.


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