Signs and symptoms of a worn-out truck engine

Signs and symptoms of a worn-out truck engine

Your truck engine does far more than just make your truck move. It also plays a vital role in your truck’s stability, handling and most importantly safety on the road. Surprisingly however, trucks engines are one of the most overlooked maintenance parts. Why? Well, most cases of severe blown truck engines tend to first happen gradually before turning serious. Most truck drivers tend to ignore signs and symptoms of a worn-out truck engine earlier while driving – and that’s a big mistake.

So, if you’ve wondered how to tell if your truck engine is bad, then this post is for you. You can also learn more about major causes of truck breakdowns so you can avoid them.

How to tell if engine is worn-out (and blown)

You definitely don’t want your truck engine severely damaged to a point where it needs replacement – or a complete rebuilt. If this happens, it means your engine is blown. So here’s how to tell if your engine is blown: If it’s blown, you’ll notice damaged exhaust valves, damaged pistons or even a cracked block. Not to worry though, our truck breakdown service in Gainesville GA is one phone call away to help with your truck’s engine problems. Let’s jump into truck engine worn-out symptoms: 

  1. You’re spending more on fuel than you normally do. Have you noticed a drastic increase in how much you spend at the pump? If so, it could be a sign that your injectors or ring wear are damaged.
  2. Your truck doesn’t start when you turn on the ignition switch. While starting problems can be caused by a variety of issues such as dead battery, a worn-out engine could also be the reason. This means your engine receives low compression hence can’t start and run.
  3. Your engine’s power is dying. Have you noticed your engine not performing optimally as it normally does? Have you for instance noticed that your truck’s top speed isn’t as fast as it was? It could be that cylinder compression activities (which are crucial)
    are reducing in your engine.
  4. Your truck’s consuming too much oil. It’s important to always check your oil levels and add more oil when the levels are running low. But, if you noticed an increase in how much oil your truck is consuming, it could be a red flag that your engine is leaking or burning oil. Normally this problem is caused by issues with piston rings or the cylinder liner.
  5. Your engine keeps knocking. Every truck driver knows how their engines sounds, but have you noticed banging and Knocking sounds coming from your engine? If so, it could be a sign of a worn-out engine.

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