Problems Associated With Commercial Tires

Problems Associated With Commercial Tires
Commercial vehicles are unique, with special needs that encompass everything from the belts to the filters. When you drive a tractor-trailer or box truck, you need to be aware of all the risks and how you can mitigate them to ensure safety. Perhaps no part of your vehicle requires the same level of attention as your tires. Commercial truck tires are as vulnerable to problems as those on the average sedan, but the consequences are far greater. Here’s what you should know before the next time you hit the road.

Common Commercial Tire Problems

Overinflated Tires

You absolutely can have too much of a good thing—or at least you can when it comes to air in your tires. When tires are inflated beyond the recommended PSI for their make and model, they struggle to come into full contact with the road. This prevents them from getting the grip they need and puts you at risk of causing an accident.On top of this, when the tires are under too much pressure, they are more likely to burst. Then you are left seeking emergency truck repair in Gainesville.

Underinflated Tires

Just like too much air is bad, too little leaves you vulnerable. Tire problems caused by underinflation include:

  • Difficulty steering
  • Struggles with tight turns
  • Greater wear on the tires
  • Punctures and other tire damage

Hopefully, your truck has a system to alert you when your tire pressure is too low. If not, you should regularly check yours with a manual gauge.

Cracks and Bulges

In most cases, cracks and bulges should not develop unless you have overinflated or underinflated your tires. However, even at the right pressure, you could end up needing commercial truck tire repair in Georgia if you hit a bad pothole or run up on a curb. As soon as you notice cracking or bulging in a tire, it must be replaced.

General Wear and Tear

This one comes as no surprise, but it does deserve a mention. The biggest cause of commercial tire problems is just plain old wear and tear. Long-haul truck drivers should expect plenty of this given how much time they spend on their road. Check your tires often and get help at the first sign of a problem. If you are in Georgia and need help with your commercial truck tires, Road Rescue is here for you. For Gainesville 24/7 truck repair, turn to us.