Life on the Road: What to Expect From Your First Year Trucking

Life On The Road: What To Expect From Your First Year Trucking

There are so many different types of jobs out there, but few can even come close to the thrill and adventure that comes with being a trucker. But before you get too excited, here are some things our mobile breakdown service in GA thinks you should know about life on the road: what it is like, how much money you will make (or not!), and more!

Where to Park

Most truckers park in an area called “Pilot Flying J” because that is where the parking spaces are free, but also relatively safe. The only thing on these lots are other professional drivers just like yourself! These areas can be quite loud though so it may not be for everyone. This is one of those essential things truck driver training schools don’t teach you.

When Things Go Wrong

For those new to truck driving, thinking about things going wrong is a downer, but it is also necessary. If you are in an accident, call your company immediately. They will show up and make sure everything is okay for both parties involved before leaving the scene because it’s their responsibility to do so! On that note, though, never leave the scene of an accident even if things seem fine; always wait until the police arrive at least. This way, everyone knows what happened and no one can claim they were tricked into thinking there was no damage done to either vehicle or anything else around them. Truck drivers new and old must always protect themselves.

Be Ready to Make Money

Truck drivers are often paid by the mile. This means that sometimes it is almost impossible for them to make money! However, if you have a good company and good environment then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as they should always try and compensate their employees with bonuses or more hours whenever possible. You can also ask for extra work like hauling on the weekends (if allowed) so that way you don’t end up sitting around twiddling your thumbs all day long. Of course, this new truck driver tip might take time since the oldies could be first in line for those extra jobs.

You Are Your Own Boss

This may sound great at first, but being your own boss will take some getting used to, especially when things go wrong during those first few months out there on the road! But it is also a wonderful thing as you learn to work harder and smarter than ever before. So much so that your company may even ask what kind of training they can give you so that way, eventually, the job will become easier for you.

No matter what, though, always remember to drive safe! And should things go wrong, turn to Road Rescue.

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