Improving Driver Communication During a Breakdown

Improving Driver Communication During a Breakdown

What do you do if your truck breaks down a few miles past your last rest stop? Do you have a plan of action at your fingertips? If not, read on to get handy truck driver tips for a breakdown.

All rigs, no matter how well maintained, will experience some kind of mechanical failure or breakdown during their lifetime. On average, after every 10,000 miles covered such an event can be expected.

As a professional driver or truck owner, the best approach is planning and an effective strategy for truck driver communication during breakdowns.

Be Proactive in Communication

Map out the route beforehand and check for conveniently located repair facilities. You can also use a repair facility locator that shows you a network of repair shops. Have the contact of your repair shop handy for referrals or tow services.

 If you drive a company truck, your dispatcher or driver manager should have all the instructions and information on hand. Make sure you have both their work and after-hours phone numbers just in case.

 A huge part of proactivity is also preempting the breakdown. Transparent communication between the truck owner or fleet manager and the repair shop is key. Information such as advanced diagnostics reports and part replacement schedules can nip future breakdowns in the bud.

Safety First

The driver should make sure he pulls off the road leaving, if possible, at least 10 feet from passing traffic. An off ramp is a safer stop point than the shoulder of the road.

The driver should ensure he has placed all the warning signs (cones, triangles. flares) approximately 50-100 yards in front and behind the truck. The hazard lights should be on and the driver should be wearing a safety vest.

All these safety measures should be carried out before he places the call to the repair facility.

Make Communication Direct

In cases where there is a fleet or operations manager, there is a tendency to let them liaise between the driver and the repair facility.The best practice is for the driver to speak directly with the maintenance crew because he can better explain the circumstances surrounding the breakdown. Miscommunication and the incomplete transfer of second-hand information will be easily avoided.

Checklist of Essential Details

The truck driver should have a checklist of all the crucial information needed by the maintenance center. The service center specialist will usually ask a set of questions to extract the information. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared with these details before calling.

     The city and state where the driver is located

     The exact location (including the mile marker and highway name)

     A working phone number for the driver

     The registration number of the trailer and tractor

Explain the Full Extent of the Breakdown

There is a temptation to gloss over details that may not seem important in retelling the event. Remember, for a breakdown, no detail is insignificant. Omitting information could lead to delays and losses as the maintenance crew scramble to solve unforeseen problems while on the ground.

Truck Breakdown Service in Gainesville

Improving communication during truck breakdowns is a collaborative effort between the designated repair facility, the driver and truck owner. It’s a worthwhile investment of time to find the right maintenance partner who can meet the needs of your fleet. For such expert truck breakdown services in Gainesville, contact Road Rescue, Inc. today. They offer comprehensive semi truck and mobile tire repair services in Gainesville, GA.