How to Prevent Truck Accidents

How to Prevent Truck Accidents

For some people, truck driving is a hard job. For others, it isn’t hard and anyone can learn it. But, why are truck accidents
so common nowadays? Did you know that about 500,000 accidents involving trucks occur every year in the US, with 5000 of these accidents resulting in fatalities? Those are indeed insane and sad numbers. So, how can truck accidents be prevented in order to lower these numbers and protect more lives?

Before you learn how to prevent truck accidents, wouldn’t you want to know the causes of these accidents first? 

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What causes most truck accidents?

  1. Driving while tired with no rest.
  2. Over-speedingthe truck.
  3. Unfavourable weather conditions.
  4. Driver getting distracted/losing focus while on the road.
  5. Faulty components of a truck.

If you’d like your truck to remain in goodcondition, avoid expensive downtime and endless repairs, then it’s important you follow these truck preventive maintenance checklists

Tips on how to prevent truck accidents.

How to avoid accident among trucks effectively depends on precautions drivers take while on the road and they include:

  1. As a truck driver, take enough rest before driving. Why is this important? When you drive while tired, your alertness level on the road lowers. You may start to feel drowsy and hence sleep while driving – causing an accident. Always ensure you have enough sleep prior to travelling.
  2. Stick to the recommended speed limit. Hurry hurry leads to tragedy. Always ensure you observe and stick to the recommended speed limit no matter what. Over-speeding is one of the major causes of accident fatalities and you definitely don’t want to be a statistic.
  3. Observe the weather conditions and drive accordingly.How bad is the weather, is it rainy or snowy? If the weather condition isn’t conducive for driving, always ensure you drive at low speeds. Driving fast in unfavourable weather conditions is dangerous.
  4. Inspect your truck for any problems before starting any journey. Ensure you inspect components such as breaks, tires and lighting so that they don’t cause you problems along the way.
  5. Stay focused on the road no matter what. It’s important you avoid things that could easily distract you while driving e.g using a cellphone and eating while behind the wheels.
  6. Watch out for careless drivers on the road. You could be adhering to road safety rules but it doesn’t mean all drivers on the road are like you. A careless driver could be driving dangerously on the road and it’s vital you learn how to spot them and avoid getting close to them.



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