How To Do Proper Tire Maintenance

truck tire maintenance
Tire maintenance is a mandatory part of running a truck fleet. Every single truck in your fleet needs to have tuned up tires, for several reasons. First, and possibly most important, it’s illegal to drive around with worn down tires! If your tires are not up to scratch, you’re causing a serious safety hazard for your cargo and other drivers on the road. Second, good tire maintenance allows for your vehicles to operate at top efficiency. But what do you need to do for proper tire maintenance?

Check Tire Pressure

Tires lose 1-2 psi per month and continue to deflate over time. So checking tire pressure is absolutely important in regular intervals! Check recommended pressure in your truck’s user manual. This is the pressure your tires need to be for your truck. Use a tire gauge and press down to measure pressure. Very simple procedure, but if you have a large fleet, keeping up with this can be difficult!

Rotate Your Tires

When should you rotate your tires? Every 7,000 miles or less! Rotating your tires ensures even treadwear to make the tire last longer. To rotate your tires, simply remove the wheels and put them back on in the opposite rotation.

Check for Tire Issues

There are many common tire issues that you will have to take a look at.


Over time, the tread of your tires will wear down. So how do you check if your tread is okay? Use the Penny test: place the penny head down into the tread of the tire. If you can see any part of Lincoln’s head, then you need to replace the tire. If the tire is worn down, don’t delay: replace them! It’s illegal to drive with tires that are too worn.


If the truck is being pulled from one side to another, there may be an alignment problem. If you suspect there’s an alignment problem with your tires, it might be time to take it to a mechanic.

Bulges and Cuts

These often happen after hitting a pothole or driving on rough road. Make sure that your tires are not bulging or show visible cuts, because this could be serious. Check for these regularly as they could present serious issues.

In Summary

  • Good tire maintenance is a must-have and should be performed at regular intervals.
  • Maintaining the recommended tire pressure (or very close to it) will help your vehicle be more efficient.
  • Don’t drive with worn down tires: it’s not worth getting caught!

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