How Semi Truck Maintenance Can Lower Repair Needs

semi truck maintenance

Your fleet is the lifeline of your business. Having just one less truck on the road can mean a decrease in overall revenue.

What’s worse is that repair costs can be astronomical. So what can you do?

Simple: good maintenance on each truck in your fleet. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that pound of cure can be expensive. Here’s some top tips for good fleet maintenance.

Check fluid levels & change fluids when needed

Your engine oil, coolant, transmission, brake, & power steering fluids need to be at the right levels, otherwise your fleet could be at risk. The key is to detect levels dropping quickly between checks. In this case, there’s likely something wrong.

After a certain amount of driving time, you’re going to want to replace your fluids. Check your truck manufacturer’s manual and follow their instructions. Don’t try to go too long on old or low fluid levels!

Keep Your Tires A-OK

Anything that keeps you in contact with the ground cannot be understated. Shoes, bed, and definitely tires must be kept in good condition, especially if you run a fleet. Keep your tire pressure at proper levels, and check it regularly. Low tire pressure can harm fuel economy and cause uneven tread wear, which increases your risk of a dangerous blowout on the freeway.

Your tread wear should be checked regularly because uneven tread wear can signal problems with the alignment or suspension.

Take Care of Your Brakes

If you can’t stop safely with a full load, it can be very dangerous. Your brakes need to be checked frequently, inspecting for wear. Uneven wear could indicate an unbalanced brake system, which will likely require repairs.

Inspect and maintain the gearbox and clutch

Inspect your gearbox and your clutch to make sure that no problems are present. You don’t want your clutch slipping, and you don’t want your clutch sticking either. These could be signs of bigger issues that may need repair. This could also harm your fuel economy.

Test Your Truck’s Electrical System

Every year, your battery, alternator, and the rest of the electrical system need to be checked. Your truck drives long distances, and this can cause the system to take a lot of punishment. Charging problems can keep your truck off the road, or worse, leave you temporarily stranded waiting for help.

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