How Can You Tell If Leaf Springs Are Bad?

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Leaf springs are the unsung heroes of every car’s suspension system. They are often placed on the rear ends of a vehicle to keep it level and absorb the bumps and shocks of the road.

Just like a car engine, leaf springs are also susceptible to wear and tear. Worn leaf springs will not only perform poorly (leading to more bumpy rides) but are also a safety concern. As such, knowing the signs of bad leaf springs is crucial to maintaining your safety on the road and avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

How Do Good Leaf Springs Look?

Before discussing how to tell if leaf springs are worn out, we need to first look at how functional leaf springs should look.

From a visual standpoint, healthy leaf springs will have no visible signs of cracks, fractures, or metal fatigue. They should also have a consistent, slightly arched shape when the vehicle is not loaded. Moreover, the individual leaves should be securely and tightly stacked together without any separation or delamination between them.

While commonly ignored, the eyelet bushings on the ends of leaf springs are integral to the leaves’ functioning. So, also be on the lookout for signs of bad leaf spring bushings. As a rule of thumb, bushings in perfect working condition do not have visible cracks, dry rot, or signs of physical damage.

Symptoms of Bad Leaf Springs

Now that you know what healthy leaf springs look like, learning how to tell if leaf springs are bad is pretty straightforward.

Even before doing a visual inspection, you can easily tell your leaf springs are bad by paying attention to the driving experience. For one, bad leaf springs do not absorb bumps very well, and you will feel every little bump at a higher intensity. Additionally, the transmission will make some unusual clunking, squeaking, vibration, and groaning noises when you go over bumps or when accelerating.

If your vehicle is sitting lower in the back than usual, or one side is noticeably lower than the other, one of the leaf springs may be broken. Other signs include unusual swaying, loose parts in the leaf spring metal, and difficulty maintaining control while cornering or making sudden movements.

Get Professional Help Today!

Ignoring bad leaf springs can cause more suspension damage. So, if you observe any of the signs mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact Road Rescue, Inc. for professional truck breakdown services in Gainesville, GA.