The Main Causes of Truck Tire Damage

The Main Causes of Truck Tire Damage

Keeping your semi-truck tires in excellent condition is critical to vehicle and driver safety. The tires must endure the extra weight and stress when hauling goods. While truck tires last for several thousand miles before requiring replacements, they can blow out unexpectedly for various reasons. Understanding the primary causes of truck tire damage can help you know when to schedule tire repair or replacement services on time. Here are the top reasons your semi-truck tires might blow out.


Hauling heavy loads exceeding the recommended weight can strain your semi-truck tires and increase the risk of damage. Knowing the payload and towing capacity of your semi-truck can help ensure even weight distribution across all tires and prevent uneven tire wear and tire blowouts.

Underinflation or Overinflation

Underinflation and overinflation are among the most common causes of truck tire damage. Underinflated tires are more prone to uneven wear. They cause the outer edges to bear your truck’s weight, increasing the likelihood of damage. Conversely, overinflation causes loss of traction and uneven wear along the treads, resulting in a possible semi-truck tire blowout. Knowing how to check tire pressure in commercial trucks can help prevent these issues.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance is another leading cause of truck tire damage and premature tire replacement. Semi-truck tires and wheels require regular rotation, balancing, and alignment. Truck drivers should inspect their tires for damage or uneven wear and correct pressure to prevent unexpected semi-truck tire blowouts.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Truck drivers often ferry goods over long distances on different road surfaces. Driving your semi-truck on irregular terrains and in hazardous conditions such as gravel, mud, and rough surfaces can be detrimental to your semi-truck tires. These conditions can cause brake skid damage, cuts, and chunking, impacting the longevity of the truck tires and increasing the chances of a truck tire blowout.

Mechanical Issues

Problems associated with commercial tires can emanate from the semi-truck itself. If your truck has unresolved mechanical issues, such as worn-out shock absorbers, damaged wheel bearings, and loose U-bolts, the tires will bear the brunt, resulting in premature wear. Scheduling regular semi-truck maintenance can help detect and address these concerns before they escalate into a tire blowout or damage.

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