Essential Gadgets Every Truck Driver Needs

Essential Gadgets Every Truck Driver Needs
Truck driver essentials are useful gadgets to make each road trip safe, efficient and a success.

Bluetooth Headset

A hands-free or Bluetooth headset enables you to make or answer a call without jeopardizing your safety or that of other road users. Bluetooth headsets can help you dial emergency calls to your mobile truck repair shop if you have a breakdown.

Bluetooth headsets are compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mobile phone use restrictions.

Smart Phone Mount

This gadget works hand in hand with the Bluetooth headset. The idea is to have access to and see your phone screen without holding it in your hand which is against regulations.

Of course, keep in mind the fact that phone use can still distract you from driving and lead to accidents. Restrict phone use to emergencies and neither of your hands should handle or use the phone while you drive.
The FMCSA allows a one-tap or single button use of the phone to either answer or disconnects a call.

Dash Cam

A dashcam can help you to record wide-angle videos of whatever is happening around the truck. Some dash cams have GPS and can record simultaneously record information on routes, speed, and location. This is a great gadget to capture anything untoward on the road or during a traffic stop.

GPS Device

Truck drivers can drive up to 11 hours a day. Any gadget that can take the pressure off is a plus. GPS devices serve as a competent co-driver for those long drives.

A good GPS will call out landmarks, give active lane guidance and traffic updates. These can be crucial safety and time-saving benefits for truck drivers.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Even with a well fleshed-out preventive maintenance checklist for semi-trucks drivers can still experience breakdowns and challenges on the road.
A tire pressure monitor is a gadget that you should use at truck stops just to make sure that your tires are still holding up well after hours on the road.
Real-time tire pressure and temperature can let you know ahead of time if there’s a problem.

Portable Charger

Portable chargers are essential gadgets for any long drive. No truck driver wants to be stranded with a broken-down vehicle and not able to call a mobile truck repair service. Worse yet to be stuck in a potentially dangerous situation. Portable chargers can also be used to charge other gadgets and power tools in the truck and save the truck’s battery.

Mobile Truck Repair in Gainesville

Now that you have all the gadgets that will improve your driving experience, remember to keep close by the contacts for your vehicle repair shop. If you’re looking for expert mobile truck repair and truck electrical repair in Gainesville, contact Road Rescue Inc.