Common reasons semi-trucks require roadside assistance

Common Reasons Semi-Trucks Require Roadside Assistance

Every semi-truck driver agrees that there’s a lot to take care of when driving e.g keeping your fuel tank filled, ensuring your tires are in good shape etc. But sometimes, even the most prepared and experienced semi-truck drivers need help and that’s where semi-truck roadside services come to the rescue. With all the problems a semi-truck may experience on its way such as tire problems, there’s great need of semi-truck roadside assistance.

Since most semi-trucks are driven by commercial truck drivers, roadside assistance for commercial trucks is available in almost every town. You just have to search for the ones near you at the time of breakdown. So, why do semi-trucks need roadside assistance? In this post, we’ll explore the common reasons semi-trucks require roadside assistance.

Tire problems

Truck tire problems is one of the major reasons semi-truck roadside services are constantly on demand. Commercial trucks normally have this problem way more times than most people think. Tire blowout is one of the major tire problems for most semi-trucks. It’s also dangerous for it could cause a serious accident. Reasons for tire blowouts may include: Error by truck drivers, not installing tires well and overloading the semi-truck.

Brake issues

Brake problems are also some of the reasons for frequent semi-truck roadside assistance calls. Brake problems in semi-trucks should be taken seriously since they are one of the major causes of road accidents. Infact, they account for about 29% of all accidents by trucks. What causes these brake issues are drum brakes and discs on semi-trucks. They wear down fast because of the friction they face, air pressure and unfavorable weather conditions. It’s vital to regularly take your semi-truck for brake maintenance.


Semi-trucks aren’t your normal type of vehicles. They are massive and this demands they have bigger and complex electrical systems than other vehicles. These electrical systems are mainly composed a start motor, alternator and a battery. So, when a semi-truck experiences electrical problems, it’s usually one of these parts that broke down. But, the main reason for all this is usually the semi truck’s dying battery. It’s vital you check your truck’s battery and be especially keen if the battery produces some weird smell as this could be a sign that your battery is leaking and needs replacement.


You might think your drivers are being careful, but it’s not uncommon for semi-truck roadside assistance guys to be called because a semi-truck driver locked themselves out of their truck due to misplaced keys. However, most semi-truck roadside services can provide you with locksmithing or truck lockout services when a semi-truck driver finds themselves in such a situation.


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