Commercial Truck AC Repairs & Maintenance Guide

Commercial Truck AC Repairs

Vehicle downtime can cause losses running into hundreds of dollars a day. Seemingly small issues such as truck air conditioning repair can still ground your vehicle. That’s why you need to schedule preventive maintenance (PM) for your commercial truck.

A commercial vehicle maintenance checklist ensures truck drivers, fleet managers, and mechanics can inspect and maintain the vehicles in working order. So what does a comprehensive truck air conditioner service consist of?

Commercial Truck AC Repair Guide

Here is a comprehensive list of what the tech will be checking on your rig when you come in for PM or truck air conditioner repair.

● Compressor belt inspection

● Inspect internal controls and blower

● Inspect system and seals for damage such as leaks

● Test the cooling system pressure

● Check that AC pressure meets manufacturer specifications

● Measure the temperature of interior vent air

● Examine radiator coolant operating temperature, fans, hoses, pressure radiator cap, and thermostat

● Check for mold and mildew in the evaporator core and clean it

Signs of Air Conditioner Issues

AC that is not cool enough is not only going to make you sweaty but will eventually cause refrigerant breakdown and strain on the compressor. Address the AC problem as soon as you spot it. Some of the signs that your commercial truck AC needs repair are:

● Your air conditioning blows warm air, or the heating system blows cold air

● Your AC only works when you are driving and quits when you stop

● The AC is only slightly colder than the air outside

● During cold weather, the heating systems only warms up slightly

● The air from the fan smells musty or stale

● Weak airflow even at the highest fan setting

● The defroster takes a long time to kick in or doesn’t work at all

AC issues can be caused by a blown fuse, a vacuum leak, a failed condenser, or contaminated refrigerant. Carrying out commercial truck ac repair can expose you to corrosive chemicals. The best practice is to shelve your DIY tools and hire a trained professional to inspect or repair your truck to avert risk.

Looking for Commercial Truck Repair in Gainesville?

We offer comprehensive truck AC repair and maintenance services. Whether you are looking to complete your preventative maintenance or your rig needs to be fixed, contact us today!

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