5 Things Truck Driver Training Schools Don’t Teach

Things Truck Driver Training Schools Don’t Teach

There is a lot more to learning how to drive a truck than the 3-4 week course that most training schools offer. Truck driver training schools focus on the mechanics of shifting, turning, backing up and parking the truck. Most schools cover the obvious and the content of your CDL exams. Here are five things you can expect to learn on the job or through your own initiative.

1. How To Protect Your Interests as a Professional Truck Driver

Truck drivers provide an essential service yet are often misunderstood and insufficiently protected. They are paid by the mile and expected to travel 2000 – 3000 miles each week.

This need to clock as many hours as possible in order to earn decent wages makes it easy for them to be exploited. Unscrupulous owners can require their driver to be on the road when tired, in bad weather or when their equipment is in subpar condition.

As a truck driver you have to learn your rights and how to fight for them in the face of shady managers. This will protect not only your life on the road but the status of your CDL.

2.Confidence and Troubleshooting Real Life Situations

Most truck drivers fresh out of driving school are so green. If you are new to this you will find yourself struggling with getting into and out of tight loading docks, navigating in bad weather conditions, loneliness, and keeping a cool head in disruptive situations.

There are some aspects of driving your rig that you can only master on the job. Research as much as you can on your own. Look for a mentor either on online forums, truck stops or in the break room. Be open to continuing the learning process.

3.The Dangers of Truck Driving

You are driving and handling an 80,000 pound rig on a regular basis. Danger can come from the machine itself. You could fall from a flatbed deck or get an injury in the loading dock.

Remember that your truck is carrying valuable goods and sometimes controversial ones. Truckers are at risk of attack from cargo theft rings or protesters. It can be as simple as an unsafe parking spot.

Familiarize yourself with the inherent dangers of your profession so that you can better protect yourself.

4.Proper Load Securement

Many training programs for truck drivers skim quickly over the topic of load securement. This is another skill you can be sure you will be honing on the job.

Regardless of what kind of truck you are driving or goods you are moving, you need to safely secure your load. Feel free to research online resources and ask for help until you master this skill. Poor securement can lead to injuries, destabilizing the truck, and cargo damage.

5.How To Correctly Handle Your Equipment

The short period of training in driving programs is simply not enough for an in-depth understanding of your rig.

You will need to take the time to learn how to chain up your tires in icy weather, shifting a standard transmission, sliding the fifth wheel for even weight distribution and many more nuances of handling your equipment properly.

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