5 Must-Knows for Truckers Driving in Bad Weather

5 Must-Knows For Truckers Driving In Bad Weather

It’s that time of year again. Icy winter storms are going to start rolling in, and you’re wondering how to get your truck through the snow safely. We’ve compiled five must-knows for truckers driving in bad weather so you can prepare yourself, your rig, and stay safe on the road.

Conduct Your Basic Maintenance Now

To be ready, you need to get your rig in good shape before the bad weather hits. Driving in bad weather is much easier and safer when all the little things are taken care of. Check your tire pressure and get it into the proper range, fill up on wiper fluid, and ensure your lights are working at their best, cleaning them if needed.

Take a Slow and Steady Approach

When you are driving in bad weather or bad road conditions, you should always drive slower than you would in normal situations. This can be difficult for truckers since time is money. However, an accident will do much worse than just cause you to lose a few bucks.

Give Yourself a Little Extra Room

This is one of the most important bad weather driving tips, whether your vehicle is large or small. It is easy to get too close to the vehicle in front of you, and in ice, snow, or even rain, it can be much more difficult to come to a complete stop. Try to double your usual distance in bad weather.

Think About Visibility

When you are driving in bad weather, you should be mindful of how easy it is for other drivers to see you. This is especially true with lighter-colored rigs, as they can blend into the snow. Keep your lights on if you think there is even a small chance that others might not be able to see you clearly.

Stay in the Moment

This is a challenge specific to what truck drivers face in the winter. Long hours on the road make it easy to lose concentration and drift off in your mind. But daydreaming, playing on your phone, and fiddling with the radio are riskier than ever in the winter months. Work to avoid truck accidents by keeping your eyes and mind on the road.

We all know that driving in bad weather can be dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are struggling with the road conditions this winter season, call on Road Rescue for truck and trailer repair in Gainesville, GA. Our team of experts is experienced at helping people get back on track after an accident or mechanical failure without any further delays or mishaps. Whether you need a tow truck, roadside service, emergency truck repair gainesville, or just some helpful advice about how to stay safe when the roads are slick and slushy, we will do everything possible to help keep your journey moving forward!

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