5 Big Reasons You Should Change Your Oil Regularly

Reasons You Should Change Your Oil Regularly

Owning or leasing a truck is a major responsibility. In addition to those monthly payments, you also need to take good care of it. Central to that are oil change and inspection.

To avoid needing a mechanical truck breakdown service in Gainesville, you should get your oil changed about every 5,000 miles—just double check your owner’s manual to be sure. Yes, this is an expense, and it does require adding another task to your list a few times a year. But keeping up with your oil change schedule offers some important benefits.

1. It Reduces Engine Corrosion

Certain parts of your vehicle, you expect to replace periodically. Your engine isn’t one of them. Engine oil is a protective layer between your motor and the elements that can cause it to become corroded. However, when that oil gets dirty, it doesn’t offer the protection you need. 

2. It Reduces Wear and Tear

Avoiding truck mobile repair in Gainesville should be a top priority for any driver. Essential to this is reducing the wear and tear on your vehicle. There are many elements in your vehicle that are moving whenever it is in use, often rubbing up against other components. To reduce friction and help these parts last longer, lubrication is needed — aka, your engine oil. Keep in mind that as oil ages, it isn’t as functional as a lubricating agent, which is why you need to have it changed.

3. It Keeps Your Engine Cool

Another reason why oil is important is it stops the engine from overheating. Friction naturally generates heat. If you’ve ever seen someone start a campfire with two sticks, that is the work of friction at play. The lubrication that engine oil provides doesn’t just reduce wear and tear, but also heat, helping prevent engine fires.

4. It Gives You More Miles to the Gallon

When your engine isn’t properly lubricated, it has to work harder to get all parts to move. And the more it works, the more gas it consumes. With the right oil that is changed often, you can use less gas and save money over the course of a year.

5. It Gives You the Chance to Perform Other Maintenance

When you take your truck in for an oil change, your attendant should also check other parts of the vehicle and address problems as needed. From assessing overall engine health to looing at brake fluid, getting the oil changed can turn into a complete auto checkup.

Commercial vehicles have different oil change frequencies than consumer vehicles. Read our blog to find out “HOW OFTEN DOES A SEMI TRUCK NEED AN OIL CHANGE?“. For oil changes and 24-hour truck repair in Atlanta, GA, turn to Road Rescue. We’re always here for you.