3 Key Reasons Why Your Truck Needs An Oil Change

truck oil change

Oil changes are recommended every 3,000 miles: according to the manufacturer. However, your truck in your cargo fleet also needs the same kind of tender loving care.

Your truck will need an oil change regularly, depending on what the manufacturer recommends. However, it’s common for some fleet operators to neglect oil changes, getting them on an as-needed basis. We warn against this approach, but why?

Reason one: Longer vehicle lifespan.

Regularly changing your oil will keep your truck running for a longer time. The friction from the moving parts inside an engine wears down those components, requiring them to be replaced sooner. A well-oiled engine doesn’t have this issue because it’s lubricated and it isn’t wearing down the components as much!

Reason two: Cools the engine components.

An oil change is necessary because the new oil cools down the engine inside your truck. How does this work? Well, a well-oiled engine has the lubrication necessary to keep the moving parts from generating extra heat due to the friction from rubbing together. But, an engine that doesn’t have this oil generates heat!

It’s not recommended to let your engine run at a high heat for long periods of time, of course!

Reason three: Improves gas mileage.

It’s estimated that you save about 1-2% on gas over the lifetime of a well-oiled vehicle. That doesn’t sound that significant, but when you multiply it by the size of your fleet, and the number of miles that are travelled… it becomes highly significant. All by doing recommended oil changes!

In Summary

    • Your truck needs oil changes regularly. Period, end of story, and there’s no reason to skip on this necessity.
    • Regular oil changes keep the engine running for longer, which allows for your vehicle to last longer on the road.
    • Well-oiled engines don’t run as hot as engines that haven’t had an oil change, due to the friction caused by the moving parts.
    • A truck that has had regular oil changes have about 1-2% better gas mileage, which adds up over the long run.

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